Victoria Prather

Victoria Prather – The Voice of Owl Star Media

A native of the midwest, but a true New Yorker at heart, Victoria has spent years on big-market radio and TV, honing the craft of storytelling. Victoria carries the announcer/anchor inside her, yet always connects with her listener/viewer and students one-to-one.

Her background in education and marketing communications also give her a true understanding of the importance of conveying not just the words, but the emotion and true meaning behind them.

Victoria also has a podcast and is producing a comedy web series with other multi-hyphenate creatives.

As a professional, full time voice actor, the turnaround time can be as short as 24-48 hours, depending on the project.

We typically try to follow the GVAA rate guide as the standard VO services rate card, but we’re open to your budget. Let us know what works for you! 

Equipment: Sennheiser 416/AT2020/Shure SM7b, Twisted Wave/Audacity, Source Connect Standard

Below are various demos, custom auditions are available via the CONTACT FORM

Conversational Commercials
Commercial Spot Demo

Animation and Video Games Demo

Non-Fiction Narration

elearning – educational video narration
Victoria Prather
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